Non Profits and Consulting Services for Non-Profits

Let Us Help You Stay Focused on Your Mission

As a non-profit, you have complex operational and budgetary challenges that you face daily. You need customized solutions that equally meet your demands and those of your donors. Both efficiency and cost-effectiveness are essential. At Optimize IT, we get it!

Just as many of the top companies in the world utilize to automate their critical processes and manage their data, so can your non-profit. Using the cloud computing platform, we can implement to support your operational needs and integrate it with your existing operational applications quickly and affordably.

How Can Help Your Non-Profit?

Optimize IT customized solutions can automate key components of your day-to-day work, dramatically improve your data management, more efficiently manage your operational processes, and create more visibility into the progress that you’re making towards your program goals. This directly translates into your organization being able to better focus on its mission while being able to better define its overall social impact.

A Single, Simplified Solution for the Key Operations That Define Your Organization

  • Donor management and sign-up
  • Donations management and payment processing
  • Campaigns and events
  • Affiliation and partnership relationship management

Our streamlined and affordable Non-Profit Starter Pack incorporates best practices, implementation, customization, and integration into one complete service that gives you the exact tools you need to leverage the benefits of for your organization.

What this includes:

  • Fast track implementation of
  • Application setup to support critical organizational processes
  • Data migration from legacy systems
  • Complete integration with existing applications including Quickbooks, Sage and more.
  • User and administrator training

Best of all, the platform software licenses are free for many nonprofits. The Foundation donates up to 10 free licenses to eligible nonprofits.

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