Use as a complete donor management application. Track all your conversations and interactions with your supporters in one place.

Unlike the “donor database” approach, our solution will serve your entire organization – not just one department. Welcome to the cloud!

Complete view of your donors – Everything you need to know about your supports is in one place so you can understand every constituent and deliver the right service, message or answer.

Track and manage donations – Identify major donors, track gifts and pledges, run campaigns, and eliminate wasting time entering recurring donations.

Work smarter—and faster – can support and automate any business process or workflow and consolidate all your spreadsheets, address books and database systems into a single solution.

Connect your CRM with your website - Your CRM app and your website work together.  Quickly setup and manage online payments from your donors.

Customized reporting – Create your own reports and dashboards – without a need for programmers – and gain immediate access to meaningful metrics.

Manage events - Manage all your fundraising campaigns and know where to invest in the future to make the most impact.

Social integration – Wherever your supporters are, you will be there. Join their conversation on Twitter and Facebook from your CRM.

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