Case Studies

Life Insurance Corporation
Optimize IT integrated three instances of to streamline processes while maintaining the unique business needs of each division. To do this, we created custom views for different users within these various divisions while allowing visibility and the required format. We customized the visual pages (visual force) by creating new pages and modified existing pages. This required the development of custom controllers and the modification of standard controllers. The success of the project was attributed to a thorough assessment of the functionalities that sales and service employees needed to be successful; as well as, working closely with business analysts throughout each stage of the project. The project was successfully completed within a few months with minimal disruption to employees. Client now has quick access to customer information, allowing them to handle more customers in less time.

Financial Company
A financial company wanted to integrate their existing legacy and workflow systems (FileNet) with their new implementation of SalesForce. Before the project, the client had to switch between four different systems to complete a task. To ensure a successful implementation of SalesForce, Optimize IT developed multiple work flow rules and a comprehensive business process design developed with sales, service and marketing in mind. To facilitate the integration, which included the conversion of data from the legacy systems, we customized SalesForce by developing visual pages and workflow components. This also included multiple visual pages to capture the information from end users. The successful integration of SalesForce now allows users to efficiently access information to quickly service customers while projecting their needs for other products without having to switch between multiple systems.