We offer following services:

Fixed Bid Projects:

We offer fixed bid project services for custom projects including web applications, .NET and Java

Project Turn around service:

We have experience in turning around a project which is not on time and on budget.

Project Management:

We provide project management resources to run your projects. We have PMP certified resources for your projects.

Temporary staffing:

We provide staff augmentation services for short and long term  projects. These can be on site or off-site.

Remote DBA Services:

Our remote DBA service can reduce your database administration costs .

When you hire an employee as DBA, you pay salary and benefits. You also pay for vacation, holidays, sick days and training days. You don’t have a backup resource in case your employee is sick or on vacation.

With our service delivery model you can leverage the expertise of our entire DBAs  for a low monthly fee. This also eliminates dependency on a single person.

We provide DBA services for Oracle and SQL Sever

Virtual/Fractional CIO/CTO services: Advisory/Retainer services.

Most large organizations have a Chief Information Officer, the executive responsible for developing the overall technology strategy, setting standards for technology systems to meet the needs of the organization. The CIO is also responsible for working with business owners or executive team on long-term technology planning.

Often smaller organizations do not have the resources required to support a full-time Chief Information Officer; yet the need for access to a highly skilled and experienced person is critical for the business’s survival and growth.

Optimize IT want to be part of your organization’s strategic vision. Taking on the role of Virtual/Fractional CIO, we quickly become familiar with your business processes and the current technology you are using. We work with the owner and/or managers at key times during the year that align with executive planning meetings and budget preparation. The result is a strategic, proactive approach to technology.